“Proprietary SLA Surface and
Design Technologies & Clinically Proven Products”

Since its establishment in 2001 till today, the long standing values of
Warantec implants are founded upon its proprietary SLA surface and design technologies and clinically proven products.

Warantec, a leading dental implant company in Korea with incessant focus on R&D and clinical applications

was founded as a result of a research project supported by the Ministry of Health and Welfare as part of the Korean government’s G7 Project in 1995 involving esteemed professors from the College of Dentistry of the Seoul National University, Yonsei University and Catholic University.

Warantec’s implants showcase outstanding and differentiated design, surface treatment (SLA), and metal processing technologies recognized by the relevant academia since their launch and they are spearheading the development of Korean implant design and surface treatment technologies.

Through continued R&D investment and quality innovations, Warantec introduced the ONEBODY IMPLANT SYSTEM for the first time in Korea and has enhanced the success rate of implant procedures through its groundbreaking 7 ˚Connection IT IMPLANT SYSTEM. Furthermore, Warantec’s IU IMPLANT SYSTEM ensuring both compatibility and convenience has been acclaimed as an embodiment of breakthrough technologies.

Warantec has established a successful clinical track record since 2001 and attracted investments from Korea’s No. 1 pharmaceutical company Yuhan Corporation and global No. 1 implant company Straumann. These are a clear testament to Warantec’s emerging presence in implantology both at home and abroad.

Warantec will remain committed to R&D and continue to put top priority on clinical applications to make a leap forward into a global implant company.

Shim In Bo


1) Clinically Proven Products :
Before product launch, Warantec ensures superb product quality via pre-market tests involving clinicians (dentists).
2) Metal Processing Technology :
Warantec boasts exceptional metal processing technology including titanium, key dental implant material, as well as other metals used for implant accessories.
3) Technology Embodiment :
Warantec incorporated into the IU IMPLANT SYSTEM only the best and optimum technologies available in the industry at the time of development.
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