‘Value that never changes’ and ‘Principle of prior clinical usage’
are primary creeds that Warantec’s implant system pursues.

Origin of Warantec’s consistent SLA surface technology, design,
and value that has not changed since 2001, is the principle of prior clinical usage.

Implant Representative Company from Korea
who is Orienting the Principle of Prior Clinical Usage
and Endless Research & Development.

Warantec is established based on the results of a study on ‘Development of the Domestic Dental Implant System’ under the project called ‘G7 Project’, which was jointly cooperated between the dentistry professors of top 3 dental universities in Korea with the support of the Korean government in 1995. Warantec’s implant system which has academically-recognized design and patented SLA process technology having been leading the design and process technology of Korean implant system since the beginning of the development.

Technology of Warantec’s implant system increased the success rate of surgical procedure, and launched the Korea’s first Onebody Implant System through constant investment of R&D and quality renovation. Also, IU Implant System which has compatibility and convenience simultaneously is recognized as a great assembly of our technology.

Warantec is an implant representative company who is having been accumulating successful clinical data for a long time since 2001. We will constantly strive to improve ourselves as a worldwide implant system company that upholds its standards of the highest product quality and customer trust through exhaustive research and development.

Lee Jong Hong